High School Seniors

After 12 years of hard work through grade school or 4-5 years in college, it’s time to display that senior photograph proudly on your wall.  Digital Memories of Virginia / Images by Brett captures your high school or college senior in either a tux or a drape on our classic blue background.  Then, Images by Brett  provides casual senior photographs at his or her desired location or in the studio in front of our 10′ x 16′ white background.  Images by Brett does not offer just two shots, but several poses and options for an outfit  change.  Click here to view our samples.

Setting Fees:

  • Senior drape/tux only: $30.00
  • Senior drape/tux and casuals in studio: $45.00
    • One clothing changes
  • Senior drape/tux and casuals on location: $55.00
    • One or two clothing changes depending on location
    •  Some locations we are not allowed to photograph without paying a fee…if you choose one of these locations, you are responsible for that professional fee.


Print Pricing:

  • Standard Prints: $20.00
    • 2- 5″x7″
    • 1- 8″x10″
    • 8- Wallets
    • Gold Stamped Wallets: $25.00
  • Add $5.00 for retouching on first image of print.
    • (stray hair, soften under eyes, facial blemishes, small strap lines.)
  • Other print sizes and prices:
  • 1-11”x14” = $45.00
  • 1-16”x20” = $65.00
  • Canvas masonite prints:
      • Add $5.00 for retouching on first image of print.
        (stray hair, soften under eyes, facial blemishes, small strap lines.)
  • 1- 8”x10” = $50.00
  • 1-11”x14” = $75.00
  • 1-16”x20” = $125.00


Other Information:

What to wear to your senior photo session?

  •   Drape or Tux
    • For your drape, wear a camisole because you will need to lower your under garment straps off your shoulders.
    • Bring your favorite set of purls if you have them…if not, we have some you can wear.  If you choose not to wear purls that is your choice and is perfectly acceptable.  Other simple neck jewelry is also acceptable for your senior portrait.
    •  For your tux photograph, bring a white t-shirt.
  • Casual
    • Your favorite clothes to change into.  Just be mindful that you could be standing or sitting.
    • If possible, stay way from white and small patterns.

Turn-a-round time:

  • Proofs are online with a pass code within 24hrs of your shoot.  Photos are returned to you in about two weeks of ordering.

What NOT to do:

  •  Do not go to the beach, tanning bed, etc. days or day before your shoot.  I can fix a lot of things, but the red skin tone from the sun is not one of them.

How will my senior portrait get to my high school yearbook?

  •  A CD is created and either mail it or drop it off to the front office of your school.  I will let you know that I did so, and it is your responsibility to double check with your yearbook adviser.

Studio location:

  • The studio based in Henrico, Virginia. (Lakeside)

Who is required to come:

  • You MUST bring a legal guardian with you to your session if you are under 18 or still in high school.  The session may be videoed for my safety and your safety as well as a photo taken of all persons present.


  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card / Debit Card  (Visa, Disc, MC).

Ways to order your prints:

  1.  Phone
  2.  E-Mail
  3.  Personal meeting


– DMOFVA and Images by Brett retains the rights to all photos and video taken

– DMOFVA and Images by Brett may use your photographs of your event for future advertising purposes including tv, web, expose, etc.